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24/7 GYM 

Our 24/7 gym is a 3,000-square-foot facility with free weights, stationary machinery, cardio equipment, and more. This facility is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is open to both locals and visitors. 

We are not staffed 24/7, however, our office hours are Monday-Friday 6 AM-12 PM & 4 PM-6 PM. If you can not make it during those hours you can call or text 305-942-5671 and we can give you further instruction.

Trying to get in the gym after hours?

Please sign our waiver and you can either Venmo us @keysstrength or provide credit or debit information over the phone 305-942-5617. You must contact this number after payment and waiver completion. 

Please remember:

  • Be respectful of our equipment and put all equipment away where you found it. 

  • Closed toes shoes are to be worn in the gym at all times.

  • Workouts must not exceed 3 hours.

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What our 24/7 Gym has to offer

Free Weights

Free weights simulate real-life lifting situations and promote whole-body stabilization. Free weights are generally safe when used with the proper technique. But it may take some practice to get used to lifting with free weights, and it's essential to use proper technique.

Cardio Equipment 

With an array of cardio equipment not only will these machines help you burn more calories to lose weight, but they also work on your cardiovascular endurance and stamina. 


We have a variety of pin and plate loaded machines in our 24/7 gym. Working with machines is great for people with prior injuries and novice lifters. They can be a great introduction to weight training. 

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