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Here at Keys Strength we offer a variety of fitness amenities including functional fitness group training, personal training, a 24/7 open gym facility and more. Keys Strength is a training facility with a strong commitment toward providing the best possible service and providing individual attention for those seeking to create a healthier, happier lifestyle for themselves.


Athlete of the month

Name: Kristin Reed    

Age: 46

Hometown: Royal Palm Beach, Florida

What brought me to the Florida Keys: Relocated to start a business.

Favorite movement: Kipping Pullups

Fun Fact: I am a mother to two children ages 20 and 12

Member since: 03/2019

How did you get involved: I got involved during the 8-week challenge to motivate myself and my daughter.

What motivates: Health, mental well-being, great people and environment

Changes I have noticed: I notice I have become a lot stronger both physically and mentally and have made connections within the community.

Date 10/10/22